Working from home is the freedom that this allows you, there is a huge potential for the average American family to earn financial freedom from home. We believe that everyone should have that opportunity and we believe we can help..

Earn Your Freedom

What can you really get from a work at home job?

For most people, work at home jobs might seem like a dream. This is largely because of the huge amount of benefits you can get from a job such as this. Benefits that include:

1.Reduction in work expenses such as transport costs, child care etc.

2.Flexible hours. With a home based career, you are free to attend doctors appointments, or go to your daughters dance recital whenever you want. You manage your own time so as long as your work is completed by the deadline, you can take breaks to handle other matters.

3.Quality time with the family. No more racing home from the office and still missing the bed time cuddles. With a work from home job, you can enjoy spending those precious family moments together: dinner around the table followed by a little TV time. You can even do the school runs and there is no need to miss any firsts ever again.

A lot of people worry about how much earning potential there is with a work at home career, like studying family law. It is true that there are companies who promise the earth without delivering. However, there are thousands of legitimate work at home opportunities out there. Some part time, some full time, some paying enough to be used as a top up to the household income and some that have the ability to pay off all the debts that the average American family now lives with and then some!

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Work at home jobs are split into two main categories:

1. Salary jobs : These jobs will pay a certain set rate or fee for whatever the service is. They are structured much like a normal job. Positions such as virtual assistant, home agent , and transcribers will fall under this category.

2. Residual income jobs : With salary jobs, if you dont work, you dont get paid. Residual income jobs have the ability to keep paying out even after you have stopped working. Think along the lines of writing and selling a book and claiming royalties after it is released. Or earning commission from an ad on your website promoting somebody else goods.

Both options carry brilliant benefits.